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Recently, while reading the account of Jesus sleeping in the boat while a great storm surrounded him and his disciples, I was struck by the application to my own life.  This narrative of the disciples freaking out while enduring a ferocious storm on a lake always seems to cause people to be astonished by the minimal faith these men possessed.  We read it and say things like this:  “But, Jesus was with them!  How could they have been scared?” or “How many times did they need to see Jesus perform miracles before they figured out that He was going to take care of them too?”  We’re all guilty of being astonished by the disciples’ lack of faith…yet, sometimes, God really speaks to our own souls and our own lack of faith too.

After a day of intense difficulty with homeschooling (wait, I think I meant to say ‘after a year…’), I lay on my bed and silently cried out to God, “Please, give me strength that I do not have!”  I begged for a relief from the arguing.  I pleaded that God would change my circumstance because I didn’t feel like I could go on like this.  My thoughts began to go to the “What if–?” realm.  Fear crept in as worst-case scenarios about my children’s futures bombarded me.  The fact that Jesus was with me, and has promised me that He always would be with me, became merely intellectual as my emotions began to carry me away.  Later, when reading Matthew 8 (and Mark 4), God spoke to my heart as I began to point my finger at the disciples’ lack of faith.  He showed me that my situation with homeschooling was my own “boat in the storm”.  I was crying out to God, yet my anxiety and fears were dominating the situation and preventing me from truly trusting in Jesus, Who was with me all along.

Who among us isn’t suffering at some point in time with fear or anxiety?  What situation in our lives can begin to take over our intellectual belief in God and cause us to act as if we are atheists (not believing He is there with us and powerful to handle this)?  May we learn from Jesus’ response to the disciples, “Why are you afraid?  You have so little faith!” and cry out to God when we, too, are full of fear from the overwhelming storms in our lives.

Father God, You are almighty!  Fill us with greater faith in You.  Give us the courage to face our storms with peace because You are our Protector and our Comforter.  Truly, You are our rock and our salvation, our fortress.  We will never be shaken.

Love, Wendy


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Years ago when we started homeschooling I had heard the following suggestion:  “start with the end in mind”.  Work on things, set goals and have a vision now for the way you desire your children to be when they leave your home one day.  This is a great idea, but many of us do not know how to implement it.  My dear friend, Julie, from Kentucky, sent me an email today that may just give us some more concrete methods.  Read on:

As taken from Mike Farris’ book The Home Schooling Father:
“We identified twelve spiritual goals that we want to make sure that our children attain before they leave home as adults:
1. My child will be sure of his or her salvation.
2.My child will love and understand God’s Word.
3. My child will know and willingly obey God’s rules of right and wrong.
4. My child will be maturely walking with God.
5. My child will know his or her individual spiritual gift(s) and call from God.
6. My child will be able to teach spiritual truths to others.
7. My child will be an effective witness.
8. My child will spend time daily with God.
9. My child will have a servant’s heart.
10. My child will be self-disciplined.
11. My child will be in fellowship and under the authority of a local church.
12. My child will understand the power of prayer.”


Julie and her husband, Jim, plan on praying each of these goals over their children on a monthly basis.  They are also going to research scripture passages that relate to each of these goals.  Both Julie and I would love your feedback for any specific passages that come to mind as you read these goals…..and any other concrete ways to implement godly and biblical visions in your homeschool.  This blog is a great place to list your comments & ideas.  Looking forward to the discussion!

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