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Try this the next time you’re in the middle of an argument with your husband:  kiss him.  What?!?!  Yeah, I can’t really imagine doing that either.  Usually when Dave and I are in a heated discussion, the last thing I want to do is kiss him, or be vulnerable with him.  We don’t want to be close, or vulnerable, with anyone we’re disputing, so if you are unmarried and reading this, you are not exempt to this concept.  Picture yourself disagreeing with your good friend.  I am certain you wouldn’t want to give her a big hug and enjoy some laughs together in the midst of a fight, right?

Yet, I believe this is how we feel when we are in the thick of sinning…and we know it…and we are being convicted to confess it and pray for God to forgive us.  Along with the enemy, Satan, lying to us about how it wouldn’t do any good anyways, we also have the human protective instinct rearing up and convincing us that this is not the time to be vulnerable with God.  In the middle of our sin, the last thing we should do, we assure ourselves, is to pray to God.  It would be as intimate and unguarded as kissing a spouse smack in the middle of a squabble!

Do you struggle to pray often?  I sure do.  Part of my problem is my undisciplined flesh.  But, I’ve come to realize that my issue is possibly more about intimacy.  When I pray, when I’m talking with God, it is opening the door of my heart to my Master in such a way that my sin is totally exposed.  His love shines down, and without protest from me, it shows that when I’m not obeying, I’m not loving either.  Oh, how we guard ourselves so defiantly!  However, God’s goodness and holiness and love cause any barrier and wall that I build to become transparent immediately.  Is this why I don’t want to confess?  Is this why it’s so hard to pray?

Prayer with God is intimate.  Don’t run from that.  Run to it.  Intimacy is not to be feared.  Our good and faithful Father receives us and loves us in such a way that anything that is hidden is exposed; anything that is disobedient is disciplined, so that our relationship with Him can be restored.  Just as I ultimately desire for my marriage relationship to be restored after an argument, this is also the case with my heavenly Father.  Pray. Because of our Savior, Jesus, we can go directly to the One we’ve sinned against and make right what was hindered.  We have no need to fear any closeness with our Abba because we are His.  We have been adopted by Him and, through His Son, we have been made holy in His sight, without blemish and free from accusation (Colossians 1: 22).  What a spectacular gift and promise!

Love, Wendy


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Being a busy mom can wreak havoc upon maintaining a blog.  For anyone who has read my blog before, you know that my posting  has waxed and waned.  But, after a series of random events, I have felt a strong desire to resurrect this ole gal and share God’s Word with the beautiful women He has put in my life.  (If you are a man reading this, I’m sure you’re beautiful too…and feel free to read on, but I will be directing my blogs towards women with an emphasis of helping them become Women of the Word.)  My intention is to regularly post twice a week–on Mondays and Fridays.  I’ve also asked a friend to join me in maintaining posts and sharing other perspectives here.  I may even ask others to add their two cents (or more) should I find myself too busy to write.  The posts–because they will be based upon the Word of God– will hopefully serve to encourage, challenge, exhort, and possibly even correct, Christ-followers in their journey with Him (see 2 Timothy 3: 16-17).


Recently, I had a tremendous opportunity…I spoke at a women’s retreat for a local church.  A few of my friends wanted to hear what I had to say, but were unable to attend or hear me practice beforehand.  So, starting on Monday,  I am going to share several posts highlighting points from the retreat.  In the meantime, you can go to the Word to prepare your hearts for the theme of the retreat:  “Being Still in the Midst of Your Busy Schedule.”  How does the fourth commandment (Keep the Sabbath Day holy…) look in your life?  How do you respond to “Be still and know that I am God…” in Psalm 46?  Take a few minutes and meditate on this command to be still and to rest in God’s presence.


We’ll chat in a few days!  Love, Wendy

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